Whispers of Love - Fionnuala Gill

Whispers of Love

In the world of Irish music, Fionnuala’s debut album, Whispers of Love, shines through like a glimmering light. While steeped in her Irish heritage, the breath-taking honesty of Fionnuala’s performance sets her music apart from all others, suspending her listeners in a world of possibility and hope. Each song on this album carries deep meaning for Fionnuala, a meaning which is translated across boundaries of language, culture, and time. In the glut of over-produced albums which fill the shelves of shops today, Whispers of Love is a jewel of simplicity and brilliance.

“If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the voice perhaps could be called its gateway. In my journey of being a singer I have come to know first hand the powerful gift that is the human voice, and to humbly recognize and respect its innate ability to express, uplift and inspire.

Each of the songs on this album is close to my heart. It is my hope that brought together, they will offer the listener an oasis of calm; a refuge of peace and pleasure; a place to pause and rest awhile…”