Ian Masterson & Fionnuala Gill

About ‘Damascus’

A beautiful three-track album from Ian Masterson and Fionnuala Gill, ‘Damascus’ features birdsong and other natural sounds collected in Ireland, with gentle and encouraging vocals. Damascus Acoustic Meditations has been created to give you the opportunity to slow your pace and take some time out to quieten your mind and be still – even for just a few minutes of the day.

This album consists of three 20 minute tracks. The tracks are a fusion of original nature recordings, Tibetan singing bowls, enchanting vocals, harp and guitar. The combination provides a unique sound, which is very soothing and highly conducive to meditation and relaxation, encouraging the emotional and physical benefits of meditation.


  1. Mari (20:05)
  2. Lír (20:06)
  3. Alchemy (20:11)