Here comes ‘Whispers of Love’!

Posted on Friday 12 July 2024

Here comes ‘Whispers of Love’!

Irish singer Fionnuala Gill smiling headshot

Spring is arriving again and this weekend the clocks spring forward, bringing us those lovely lengthening evenings that I adore 🙂

Spring is springing in the Fionnuala Gill world too as my debut album ‘Whispers of Love’ is launched at last on April 27th! The album has been a long time coming into flower and I am thrilled to have secured a distribution deal with Irish Music Licensing that will bring the album to a worldwide audience, hopefully allowing me bring all my beautiful music out on the road and into many more hearts! There has been a real buzz over the last few weeks as I do radio and press interviews in preparation for the launch and I have been enjoying rehearsals with some wonderful musicians in the hope that we will be able to organise some live events over the coming months.

The connection between music and mindfulness continues to deepen for me and my recent workshop at the Sanctuary in Dublin with psychologist Tony Bates on the subject was a great success. Mindfulness can bring us the opportunity to live each day more fully and music can take us to a place of stillness beyond words, and so, I find myself increasingly combining these two wonderful aspects of my life – bringing mindfulness to my work as a musician and music to my work as a mindfulness educator! I think that it is this journey, from the head to the heart, that is most important for me in all that I do and so I am thrilled that ‘Whispers of Love’ is finally about to reach the world.

The album took its first tentative steps a few years ago and now, with the addition of some recently recorded bonus tracks, I am delighted that it has the opportunity to reach a wider audience… I hope that it will bring light where there is darkness and peace to many hearts… and I look forward to sharing the journey with you all!

With blessings and gratitude,


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