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Welcome to the website of Fionnuala Gill – Irish mindfulness teacher, singer and harpist. Bringing together her two great passions – music and mindfulness – Fionnuala hopes that this website will offer some insight into both her music and her mindfulness work and she looks forward to being of service… in mindful and musical ways!


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Whispers of Love

To the listener...

Even as a small child I was aware that something special happens when we sing... a song can guide us from the head to the heart in an instant.

The gift of being a sensitive soul with a beautiful voice has been both a blessing and a challenge for me, and the responsibility of using such gifts wisely has sometimes brought me on a road less travelled, where I have had to face much darkness as well as light. But the mighty Oak starts its life as the acorn in the darkness of earth and so too have my gifts been deepening and refining over the years, as I have come, day by day, to live each precious moment with more awareness and love for the person I am in all my humanness. Perhaps in the end, this is the real gift that I have been given - to sing from that place of presence and honesty that connects us all... the heart.

This album took its first tentative steps into the world a few years ago, the inclusion of two recently recorded bonus tracks reflecting the ongoing journey that is ‘Whispers of Love’. I know first hand that music can take us to the precious place of presence and stillness beyond words, and so I hope that these songs will bring light where there is darkness and peace to many hearts.

Fionnuala, Dublin